EMS sculpting- build muscles and reduce fat

New dimension in muscle sculpting, tone your body and skin

3D HIFU - Non-invasive Mini Face Lift without Surgery or Downtime

Non-invasive procedure to rejuvenate relaxed, tired looking skin to its original youthfulness. Looks natural.

VELASHAPE® - CELLULITE KILLER - Non-invasive Cellulite and Skin Tightening Treatment with No Downtime

$99 welcome offer on all treatments. Exclusively available to new clients or for new treatments. T&C apply  


Create the body you’ve always wanted. Sculpt your body easily and safely.
We are specialists in non-invasive fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite treatments with no downtime in Melbourne.  



Non-invasive Mini Face Lift without Surgery or Downtime


 Non-invasive cellulite and skin tightening treatment
with no downtime


Freeze Your Fat Away:
Non-invasive. No downtime. One hour.


Building Muscle and Reducing Fat


I was working hard to loose weight but being a (slightly) older woman I found that my body stubbornly retained lots of excess fat on my abdomen and midriff even when my weight was good (I am a size 10/12).  I have had four HIFU treatments to the area and can see a real difference, especially around my midriff area which was bothering me the most.  I would recommend this treatment for those wishing to work on specific trouble spots.

Alma R

Fabulous and professional. Perfect pressure, brilliant technique. 10/10.

Amanda P.

Very professional. Always felt comfortable.


Suzy is absolutely beautiful! She was very informative and my treatment was flawless. Her room is spacious, clean and tidy and I felt so relaxed trusting I was in fantastic hands. Can’t wait to see her in 6 weeks.


I’ve been very happy going to Suzy. I’ve had 3 hifu liposonix sessions so far, and they have not been uncomfortable. I’ve already seen results which I’m very happy with. Suzy also has magic hands! She seems to know exactly where I am feeling tense. Also feel so relaxed after having a massage. I highly recommend Suzy! She’s so lovely and friendly.

Fran C.

Fantastic service. Suzy is extremely professional and clearly very skilled with body contouring. Highly recommend her service.


Suzy is really sweet, nice and honest. She has never ever tried to sell me any of her other services and that made me trust her even more. And when I asked her about her other services, she would tell me honestly that I don’t need to do that procedure. From this alone, I can feel that she’s not just doing this for the money. She truly cares for her clients. Also, the device might be a little uncomfortable but you can really see that she’s constantly trying her very best to make the


I have been seeing Suzy for a long time- she has magic hands & fixes any ailment you may have- Suzy has sound knowledge of muscles, ligaments etc in the body- brilliant!!!

Nicole T.

I had the Ultherapy done by Suzy. It has rejuvenated,relaxed and regained my  youthfulness. It made my skin tighter, smoother and  softer. I had minor side effects with very little redness.
I recommend this procedure to anyone wanting brighter, younger skin and reduction of lines.
Great value for money and Suzy does a wonderful job.

Niki A.

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