Male body contouring options

The abdomen is probably the single greatest area of concern for most men. Many men want to have a taut, flat abdomen with visible abdominal muscles, also known as the “six-pack.” With age, however, some men tend to develop a gut no matter how hard they exercise or how well they eat which can hide that taunt abdomen. The fat on the outside of the abdominal wall—the extra-abdominal fat—is treatable. On the nonsurgical- side the 2 most popular fat reduction techniques are:
  • Cryolipolysis®- Fat freeze
  • EMS- sculpting muscles, burn fat

Cryolipolisis  works by destroying the fat cells in the treatment , using cold technology. Once destroyed, these cells are then eliminated through your body’s own lymphatic and metabolic systems. Cryolipolisis® is fast, effective and versatile. 

Fat freeze spaced 8-12 weeks apart, in order to deliver optimum results. The goal for each treatment is to reduce the targeted fat by about 20%.

A New Dimension in Muscle Sculpting and reducing fat, improving skin laxity with 12 Tesla power, strongest on the market

 The new EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)- it is a personalised muscle-sculpting treatment that adjusts to your fitness level, shape and goals to strengthen, firm, and tone your muscles.

EMS is comfortable, safe, and effective technology, is clinically proven to increase an average of 25% muscle mass tailored to your individual needs. 

EMS treatment stimulates thousands of full muscle contractions that are more intense then physical exercise.  Our newest and strongest EMS technology encourage muscle strength and toning by causing contractions through electrical impulses. 

Our EMS also combines Thermal Energy, heat-  RF (radio frequency).  The combined technology remodel collagen, restore skin elasticity, diminish fat, improve blood flow and increase metabolic waste removal.

The Mechanical energy (EMS) will target the following:

    • building muscle mass
    • firm, tone, build nice and lean muscles
    • improve your fitness level
    • muscle rehabilitation
    • helps you to build up strength, power, endurance and size 
    • can increase your blood flow and remove lactic acid, speeding up your recovery time from injuries



    The RF energy will target the following:

    • production of collagen
    • production of elastin
    • improves skin laxity and cellulite reduction
    • reduction of fat cells



    Benefits of EMS: 


    • 30% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat layer
    • 25% increase in muscle mass- muscle thickness increase.  Look good, feel good. 
    • 19% improvement in abdominal separation
    • improves cellulite reduction
    • burn fat, shape and firm the skin, all in one step
    • best combination with our VelaShape® treatment to improve your cellulite, tighten the connective tissue, building elastin and collagen.
    • the average waist circumference reduction over 6 sessions is reduced by about 6 cm


    Areas treatable by EMS:

    • Buttocks – (real Brazilian butt lift)
    • Tummy and Flanks ( mummy tummy, beer belly)
    • Arms – triceps area (flabby arms, bat wings}
    • Front thighs – quads
    • Back of the thighs – hamstrings
    • Inner thighs- also reducing the size, tighten and lifting the skin
    • Bra area- common issue as a natural result of aging
    • Calves





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