Don’t confuse reflexology with simple massage as it is much more than that! Reflexology is an ancient therapy wherein reflexologist applies pressure on specific areas on feet, ears and hands. These specific areas affect certain reflex areas of the body and thus lead to relaxation of muscles.

Nervous endings in our body become less sensitive as we age and thus there is a need to make them more reactive! Reflexology helps in increasing their functions and thus it is necessary to work them up once in a while to keep them sharp! Reflexology helps in improving nerve response and hence it proves effective for various physical and emotional factors that impact your body. Here is how!


  1. For Best Sleep: If peaceful slumber is evading you then reflexology can help you magically. People who suffer with chronic insomnia keep on tossing and turning on bed and restful sleep is like a dream for them! Natural relaxation effects of reflexology help in providing peaceful and restful sleep. So before you go for chemical sleep aids and create your dependencies over it, try reflexology.  Reflexology impacts your whole body and affects organs and glands and thus it helps in relaxing the stressed out muscles and takes you into a state of deep relaxation and thus helps in improving your sleep cycle.
  2. For Depression: Health and well-being are greatly impacted by our emotions. Depression impacts our nervous system and has a great bearing on our stress level and mood. There are many medicines which are believed to heal depression but reflexology work wonders when it comes to treat depression. Reflexology helps in eliminating the pile of build-up toxins, activates endocrine system, decongests energy pathways and encourages release of endorphins which are natural feel good hormones along with improving flow of blood to body organs. This way it proves to be an effective aid to endure symptoms of depression.
  3. For Menopause Management: The phase of menopause impacts women physically, mentally and emotionally. It is necessary for her to be relaxed and self-focused during this phase. Reflexology is suitable for all women in all age groups and helps in regulating the hormones and glandular functions of the body. It helps in restoring balance to the endocrine system and thus alleviates menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and anxiety. Along with this reflexology helps the uterus in maintaining its natural health and flexibility and leads regulation of oestrogen secretions in ovary.
  4. For Anxiety: Nervousness, anxiety and palpitations can happen to any of us irrespective of the fact that we are young or old in this fast paced world. Reflexology helps in relieving tension, stress and anxiety by pressing reflex points and thus restores the natural energy flow of body. It slows down heart rate, decrease blood pressure and increase blood flow to extremities.

We at ensure that we take care of you in every possible manner by making the massage therapy customizable as per your specific needs. This is why our therapists will conduct full consultation to have a complete overview of your past and present health and lifestyle. So kick your feet up and look for ‘Reflexology near me’ to get healthy naturally!