Massage therapies- remedial, deep tissue, sports, relaxation...

Remedial Massage

Detoxify your body, increase your energy, improve blood circulation

We’ll assess your problematic areas and will incorporate a variety of styles to achieve the best possible result for you.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage is a light pressure technique used to remove the waste in your tissues. It helps relieve edema, swelling, puffy eyes, legs, ankles. It removes toxic build up and recharges your immune system as well as stimulates blood circulation.

Relaxation massage

Improve dealing with stress, forget about daily issues, dramas and just relax!

I’ll use a combination of techniques to relieve tension and stimulate your skin and nervous system. This massage is ultra relaxing and can be light or firm as you chose.

Pregnancy Massage

The perfect way to achieve a feeling of peace and well being, remove toxins, balance your energy levels and improve your health.


We’ll assess problem areas and remove toxins and stress. This massage stretches muscles and restores your body balance. We’ll focus on your stress points, neck, shoulders and lower back, combined with a little acupressure and reflexology.

Face and Scalp Massage

Try this massage to relieve tension and headaches. It will balance your skin tone and stimulate the blood flow. Helps to restore your energy.

Sport Massage


Speed up recovery from sport and improve your performance!

Technical massage administered pre or post your sports event. Regardless when it is undertaken, many sport people benefit greatly from a regular massage. Sport massage focuses on your specific needs that are generated from your sporting activities. I will draw on techniques from deep tissue and remedial, often with more focus on lengthening and releasing the muscles.

 Deep Tissue Massage


This massage builds on the Swedish relaxation base so muscles are warmed and there is a flow to the massage but incorporates deeper pressure in areas of tension. This pressure may be cross fiber mobilisation, deeper compression, stretches and produces a feeling of “good pain”. I always use a pain scale to ensure we work within your pain threshold and I’ll need you to provide feedback during the massage. I may also use heat or natural anti-inflammatory creams during your treatment.

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