Lymphatic system in our body is a network of tissues and organs which help the body in getting rid of toxins, wastes and other unwanted materials. Lymph is a fluid which contains infection fighting white blood cells and is transported by lymphatic system throughout the body. Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment which uses very light pressure and long and gentle rhythmic strokes which are aimed to increase the flow of lymph and ultimately reduce toxins in your body. This natural massage therapy helps in improvising the flow of lymph in your body which is a clear and yellow fluid and thus helps in fighting with infections.

Lymph system has no pump

The lymph vessels in our body are almost double than blood vessels but the fact is that blood is pumped by our heart but lymph has no pumping system. Are you wondering then from where does it get the push? Blood vessels and muscles movement in our body push the lymphatic fluid around! This is why lymph massage helps in energising lymph vessels to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells while collecting toxins on the way and flushing them out of the body!

How can massage using lymph drainage method prove helpful?

Massage therapists versed in lymphatic drainage are very well aware of lymph vessels located below the skin and thus they apply gentle pressure which activates the vessels to pick up fluids between the cell spaces which ultimately leads the lymph system to work more efficiently. Below are the benefits of massage therapy using drainage method!

  1. Helps lymph system to do its job better: If our lymph system is working properly then we feel healthy and enjoy a strong defence against illness but when it is sluggish or blocked then we feel swelling and tired and body becomes susceptible to cold and infections. Massage therapists help in assisting your body in clearing sluggish tissues of waste and swelling as they know the anatomy and function of this delicate system.
  2. Helps the body in getting back on track: After a sports injury or surgery, lymph vessels become overwhelmed and lead to swelling of tissues. Going for a surgical treatment to treat tissues deep within may actually damage the lymph vessels and surrounding structures. Lymphatic massage is a non-surgical treatment which helps the body in removing proteins and wastes from the affected area and reduces swelling. The massage helps in reducing pressure on cells and allows them to reproduce faster which help in easy and quick recovery as it reduces puffiness, swelling and blotches.
  3. Helps in reducing cellulite: if you want your body to be smooth and firm then it is necessary to reduce cellulite. Lymph drainage massage helps in increasing blood flow and circulation to the affected areas which help in breaking down the toxins and thus reducing cellulite.

Massage therapists at can identify the rhythm, direction and quality of lymphatic flow and thus help in remapping drainage pathways. But it is necessary that you inform your therapist about medical conditions, if any or about your pregnancy conditions or your recent operation or surgery beforehand.