Cellulite massage

What Is Anti-Cellulite Massage?

The main reason cellulite develops is poor circulation. An anti-cellulite massage, however, could be the treatment you’ve been searching for. 

The technique is used to apply pressure on skin surfaces that are affected by cellulite. By filling fat tissues with purifying oxygen, anti-cellulite massage helps to improve blood and lymph circulation, and reduces cellulite as a result.

What Does Anti-Cellulite Massage Feel Like?

The objective of anti-cellulite massage is to make you look and feel better in the long term. That said, the treatment itself is not particularly relaxing, and can be a bit painful. But after completing a couple of sessions, the pain generally lessens. Customers tell us the results are worth any discomfort they may experience. 

Over time, you may even begin to like these intensive massages. As you feel your body strengthen and heal, you will likely come out of each session feeling lighter and more energised. 

How Does It Work?

The technique is to manipulate the skin and disperse the fat cells underneath so that they spread evenly instead of clustering in one place. Anti-cellulite massage stimulates the tissue around the cellulite, which improves blood circulation and lymphatic functions.

To maximise the effects of anti-cellulite massage, customers can choose from techniques such as:

  • Cupping:

The therapist glides cups over the skin, gently lifting them to reduce the amount of toxins in the body. Cupping involves suction, but it doesn’t leave marks on the skin because the cups continuously move. 

  • Wringing:

The therapist lifts the tissues and wrings them from side to side before pushing them back. The act of wringing compresses the affected area, helping to eliminate toxins from the body. 

  • Dry-Brushing:

The therapist moves a dry brush over the skin in slow, circular motions. The bristles of the brush – paired with the motions themselves – offer exfoliating properties that decrease toxins. 

The objective of anti-cellulite massage is to loosen up the fat and toxin deposits in the target area, improve blood circulation and ultimately detox the body through lymphatic drainage. 

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