After care management- Cryolipolysis
  • After your treatment, you can expect to feel numbness in the area anywhere from 1 week to a month.
  • If feeling discomfort, massage the area to help stimulate recovery.
  • Consider Spanx or other compression clothing or yoga pants for comfort.
  • Keep moving to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle including drinking plenty of water.
  • Report any severe side effects to your doctor and contact us.
After care management- Velashape®

 Post treatment precautions: Avoid sun exposure, tanning booths, spray tan, and wear sun screen on a daily basis. Apply ice, aloe vera if you feel heat or swelling in the treated area. Reschedule if you are tanned either from sun/tanning booths or sprayed tan or had sun exposure.

 Post treatment expectation: For the first few days, there might be some redness or swelling over the treated area.  If bruising occurs it will generally resolved within a couple of weeks.   You will feel some degree of tightness and smoothness after each treatment.  Please call our office at 0497 802548 if you need advice. 

After care management- Hifushape:

Follow these simple rules to maximize results:

  • Reduce intake of simple carbohydrates so they don’t compete with those produced by the treatment. Simple carbohydrates include sugar, bread, buns, most sweet fruit, white rice, and pasta. Brown rice, nuts, unprocessed pocket breads, and vegetables are fine. Pineapple, rock melon, pawpaw, and grapefruit in small quantities are fine as well;
  • Increase protein intake but not at the cost of vegetables;
  • If you experience any mild swelling or discomfort in the treated area, apply cold packs for 10-15 minutes every hour for the next four hours;
  • Consume two liters of water each day, more with exercise;
  • Inform your Therapist if you begin any new medications, including the pill, topical creams, and natural supplements, or if you are beginning to plan for having a child, or if you are diagnosed with any disease, syndrome, or skin disorder, which you have not previously informed us about;

Follow any advice that your Therapist may give you during treatment.

Cardio afterwards serves two purposes; to burn off the released carbohydrates, and to encourage the contraction and expansion of lymphatic vessels to channel out waste. Meanwhile, the water acts to thin that waste and to hasten its removal from the body through the urine.

Following an upper body treatment, I recommend running, swimming, rowing (real rowing in water), or cycling. These exercises work the torso muscles and arms. For lower body treatments, cycling again (a good all-rounder), stair climbs, or a cross-country run through the hills. These exercises target your legs and buttocks.

Remember to always exercise within your capabilities, and take extra water to help flush out any toxins from the treatments. If you feel your energy levels crashing, slow down – You’ve burnt all your available carbs. If you find that your pee is a bit smelly after, that’s perfectly fine. It’s just your lymphatic system doing its job. Drink some more water to keep the lymph moving freely.


After care management- Hifu 3D:
  1. Skincare:
    • Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands prior to touching your face post treatment.
    • Continue to use your current skin care regimen unless otherwise instructed from your provider.
  2. Showering:
    •  It is okay to shower and cleanse the skin immediately after the procedure.
  3.  Post treatment expectations:
    • If you opted out of Valium, you are able to return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure.
    • Your skin may appear flushed after the treatment, but typically fades within a few hours.
    • It is not uncommon to experience swelling for up to a week following the procedure. Tingling, soreness, and tenderness to the touch for a few weeks following the procedure are not uncommon, and a normal part of the healing process.
    • Small areas of bruising, welts, or numbness are also a normal side effect of this procedure and will resolve in a matter of days to weeks.
    • The skin will continue to improve over the next 120+ days as cellular regeneration, lifting and toning continues to take place.
  4. Possible nerve inflammation:
    • Local muscle weakness may result after treatment due to inflammation of a motor nerve. This is a temporary and normal reaction and will resolve in a period of days to weeks.
    • Temporary numbness of the skin may result after treatment due to inflammation of a sensory nerve. This is due to irritation of a nerve from the ultrasound procedure and will resolve over time (typically days to weeks with most patients).
  5. Possibility of edema (swelling):
    • Elevate your head on two pillows to decrease swelling post procedure.
    • Ice for 20 minutes only if swelling is significant.
    • Please wash your face gently with warm water for couple of weeks following the treatment.
  6. Sun precautions:
    • As always, please continue sunscreen (SPF of 15 or greater) following the treatment and as part of your daily skin care regimen. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at  0497 802 548 or email

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